Introductory FX site to understand even for the first time

I have been in fx trading for 8 years. In recent years, FX circumstances and trading tools have been changing rapidly, and the trading environment has changed completely from the beginning and now. For example, more terminals can be traded. At the beginning, although it was only possible to trade on a PC, it became possible to trade on mobile phones soon, and from last year it became possible to trade on smartphones.

The number of participants has also exploded explosively, and I feel that the difference between people with knowledge and people without knowledge has become large.

In other words, if you study FX to some extent, then it has become easier to make profits for financial laymen.

Let’s start FX after learning the know-how well.


Basic knowledge of FX

Comparison of FX companies is important!

In fact, unlike stocks etc., it becomes a fine point which trader to use when starting FX. FX basically buys and sells money, but there are variations among companies such as fees and spreads. The best FX company will change depending on your investment style.

Compare the tools, infrastructure, support, etc., such as an FX company that is suitable for swap transactions, an FX company that is suitable for scalping. Using multiple companies depending on the application is also one method.

Rakuten’s site etc. will be helpful if detailed FX comparison.