Basic Concept of FX

The basic concept of FX must be kept simple and not difficult. The basic concept is the basis and principle for making profits by trading. However, there are times when the basics and principles are neglected, so you can fail, so keep your rules simple. FX is a transaction that deposits margin money at a Forex broker and buys and sells foreign exchange. However, there is always a loss. It is difficult to accept the loss because it is a transaction to make a profit. Let’s accept the loss because it is enough to make a profit in total. 

To accept a loss is to control your feelings. If you have just started trading, you can assume profits, but you do not assume any loss, and you will be greatly disturbed by making a loss. You cannot make the right judgment unless you stabilize your feelings about money. Being able to control your feelings is important and fundamental. Certainly technical analysis is also important, but if you can’t control your emotions, you can’t make the right judgment. To that end, set clear goals. If you can change your mind calmly about what purpose you started trading first, then the trade is successful. If the basic concept is simple and clear, it is ok.