Currency that can be traded in FX

When starting FX, you may be wondering which currency to trade. Transactions in yen and dollars are the most popular in the orthodox market. Yen and dollar quotes often appear on television, and news and American economic news are often broadcast in Japan, so price movements are easy to predict. If you are trying FX for the first time, we recommend that you first trade between yen and dollars. Actually, depending on the company, there are many currencies that can be traded on FX. 

The second most popular after the dollar is the euro, pound and Australian dollar. Many of these major currencies move relatively based on dollar movements, so they are relatively easy to predict. However, pounds are very volatile, so be careful of loss cuts when trading at high leverage. While these major currencies are popular, many investors look at minor currencies. Minor currencies are popular because of their high interest rates, but there is a risk of sudden crashes one day, so be careful when trading.