For FX, leverage is the point

In foreign exchange margin trading, you give margin money to a Forex broker and then buy and sell currency using it as a starting point, but the percentage of the margin is called leverage. In other words, if the leverage is high, you can purchase a large amount with a small margin. If there is a margin of 100,000 yen and the leverage is 10 times, you can purchase 1 million yen of foreign currency, and if it is 25 times, you can purchase 2.5 million foreign currency. If this leverage is high, the profit will also be reversed The characteristic is that the loss also increases. 

It is important to control both risk and return by setting and adjusting this leverage well, and FX is the reason that leverage is said to be a point. Also, if leverage is increased, the swap interest rate will also increase, so if you use it well, you can make money other than foreign exchange gains. In this investment, it is important to adjust the leverage after considering how much risk you can bear. By the way, the maximum leverage for individual investors in Japan is 25 times.