FX risk

FX is an investment method with many opportunities. As long as the exchange market is open, you can trade anytime. Because FX can be done with a small amount of money, it will be easy to enjoy trading without feeling much risk. However, risk is not completely absent. As long as it is an investment, FX also has risks. If you want to make a profit in FX trading, it is very important to understand the risks of FX. Self-management is the most important thing when investing, including FX. 

No matter how much you learn to trade FX and gain profits, you can lose money from a guard. It is very important to be able to do so without losing any loss than to determine profit. If you make a decision to cut the loss with your own personality, the amount of loss will increase. Be especially careful about your own judgment after a successful trade. This is because if you always get the illusion that any trade will be successful, you will draw a big mistake.