What is swap?

There are many people who want to try FX but don’t want to lose a lot. If you want to increase your assets without losing as much as possible, consider swapping. Swap is a word that means replacing or replacing. Currently, the interest rate in Japan is quite low, and even if you deposit money in a bank, you can pay a little interest. However, some foreign currencies have interest rates of 1% or 2%. 

Rather than aiming at profit margins from trading transactions from the beginning with FX, the method of buying foreign currency as if it were a foreign currency deposit and aiming at interest rates is called swap management. If you want to make a certain amount of profits by swapping, you need some time. If you want to make some profit right away, try normal short-term trading instead of swap. Instead, it can make a big loss. Swap operation is recommended when seeking stable operation in the long run.